Description of Frans Sneijders painting “Still Life with Fruits”

Description of Frans Sneijders painting “Still Life with Fruits”

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The famous Flemish master Frans Sneijders painted animals and still lifes. He wrote brilliantly: brightly and generously. Most of the customers on his canvases were wealthy gentlemen who lived in palaces and large houses. In the dining room on the wall, they wanted to see beautiful images that arouse appetite and talk about the wealth of the homeowners. Sneijders did an excellent job of this.

On his canvases fruits and vegetables, local forest game and overseas delicacies were poured in a chaotic manner, as if from a cornucopia. The dead animal and plant life of the artist is adjacent to the living. Still lifes are animated by the movements of monkeys, parrots, squirrels, cats, which were lured by the aroma of meat, nuts and sweet fruits. The paintings of the Flemish painter are a real ode to appetite. He also liked to write scenes of hunting for game, with a fierce pursuit of hounds of dogs.

“Still Life with Fruits” is one of the paintings of the artist’s prolific talent. It was created in 1616. Society at this time was absorbed in the ideas of Baroque, which, of course, was reflected in the work of those who wrote the surrounding reality.

The artist’s paintings are lush, even too crowded with objects of composition. But this exaggeration does not burden his paintings. Still life with fruit harmonious, detailed, with expertly soft lighting and very tasty.

In a wicker basket there are translucent luminous grape berries, rosy pears with apples, freckled apricots on a branch with leaves, a whole melon and a sliced ​​slice - it looks like an invitation to the table. On the right side are gifts of animal nature - carcasses of various birds.

During the years of his life, Sneijders was not surrounded by such a number of dishes in the shops of hunters and gatherers, but in fact nature is as extraordinarily rich as the talented artist writes to us in still lifes.

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