Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi "Dnieper in the morning"

Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi

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The painting was the last that the artist agreed to exhibit. In just a few months, he will refuse exhibitions and his work will become inaccessible to the viewer for several decades.

The main feature of the canvas is its modesty.

The lack of bright colors and play with light makes the landscape peaceful. The effect of transparency is created: the river is lost in the predawn fog. The foreground with a lush green river turns into a calm white color of the clear waters of the Dnieper and the sky.

The predominance of white, pale pink and yellow colors allows us to assert about the features of impressionism present in the picture. But the main task was to create an impression of the vastness of space.

Despite a small piece of the steppe in the foreground and a slight bend of the river in this picture, there is wideness and spaciousness.

Refusal from lighting effects does not impoverish the picture, everything is said in its simplicity. Sun-steppe grass and a lonely bush of a burdock on a hill - simply to impossibility. But you can feel the scope, just not focusing on individual bright details. Therefore, the artist removed them from here.

The silence of the steppe seeps through the painting on the canvas. It is drunk with strength and freedom, hopes for a new beginning and the peace of the steppe untouched by anyone else. Is this what every person in his life craves: the fullness of sensations and peace.

Refusing to play with the light, Kuindzhi focused on creating an air environment. White colors and pink semi-shades give the air a glow effect, as if it absorbs the silence of the river, drinks from it to spread peace over the entire steppe.

The artist’s thirst for peace is palpable in his latest works, which include this landscape. The rejection of the bright colors of sunset and moonlit paths on the water testifies to a new perception of the world, to summarize and the ability to see beauty even in simple.

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