Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin "Still Life"

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin

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Konstantin Korovin left behind many works - he painted landscapes, portraits, decorative panels, and also was engaged in the decoration of theatrical productions, creating scenery for various performances. Especially a lot of his legacy of a variety of still lifes with flowers.

Still life stands on a wide windowsill in a city apartment, covered with white cloth. On the left is a white vase with a lush bouquet of flowers - elegant buds of roses of a dark red hue stand out against the background of purple violets. On the right is a wide earthenware dish on a high stand, full of blue-black and yellowish clusters of ripe grapes.

In the foreground, the viewer sees a metal tray with a gilded teapot, a spoon and two ripe peaches. Behind all these items is either a picnic basket or a small chest. The background for a still life is a window with the evening cityscape of Paris. Against the background of dark bluish twilight, the illuminating windows in the house opposite are visible, and the dim lights of the yellow street lamps.

The painting was painted with wide, juicy strokes - it, like all works in the style of impressionism, is best viewed from a certain distance. Nearby, it seems a little rude. At the same time, the texture of the objects was conveyed remarkably - bright specular highlights from street lights on a tray and on the side of the teapot facing the viewer, ripeness and transparency of light grapes, roundness of peaches.

Unaware of such a direction as impressionism, Korovin painted in this style. The artist believed that the main thing in the picture was the sound in harmony with any kind of heart feeling of a person, and not the beauty of the image, while creating landscapes and still lifes in the technique of decorative impressionism with amazing beauty.

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