Description of Ivan Bilibin's illustration “Vasilisa the Beautiful”

Description of Ivan Bilibin's illustration “Vasilisa the Beautiful”

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Everyone probably had in their hands beautiful children's books in a dense colorful cover with patterns in the fields in the old Russian style. And certainly everyone knows a fairy tale about Vasilisa the Beautiful. Let us dwell in more detail on the illustrations for this particular fairy tale created by the remarkable artist Bilibin.

Bilibin’s work is well recognized thanks to a single author’s style, the techniques that he himself invented and used in all his works. Bilibin was very sensitive to the schedule, saying that she draws attention to the line, its character, and not to individual color spots. The artist believed that each line should be conscious, emphasize the form and slide along it.

Bilibin’s books are rich in patterns, they have a very bright decorative effect. The artist did not dwell on individual illustrations, he worked in his style the whole book from cover to cover, up to fonts and ornaments around the edges, covers. Each illustration is framed by a patterned frame, so that we involuntarily come to mind carved platbands on rustic wooden windows.

Let us dwell in more detail on the picture where Vasilisa the Beautiful in the forest watches a rider in white clothes on a snow-white horse. We do not see the faces of the heroes, but the details are carefully worked out: costumes and patterns on them, trees and flowers. Thanks to the skill of Bilibin, just by looking at the picture, you can, without reading a fairy tale, understand what is happening at the moment. Even a piece of the sky, turning pink in the left corner of the picture, tells us about the time of action. The picture is framed by a rhythmic pattern of repeating Christmas trees, birds and horses.

In addition, one cannot fail to mention Bilibin's personal signature, which he left directly in the picture. Also stylized as antique, his surname fits perfectly into the illustration, becoming its inseparable part.

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