Description of the painting by Pavel Filonov “Feast of Kings”

Description of the painting by Pavel Filonov “Feast of Kings”

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The painting “Feast of Kings” was painted by Filonov in 1913. I must say, a first look at her leaves a bad impression: contrasting red and black tones, ugly elongated faces and figures crowding in the framework of the picture, not at all appetizing dishes on the table.

The characters of the picture, gathered around the laid table, do not cause sympathy, they are more likely to resemble decaying corpses than people and, especially, kings. Power in this picture appears as an ugly, disgusting phenomenon.

The plot seems to be built around a certain holiday that brought them all together, but the mood here is absolutely not festive. Looking at the picture, you feel cold and silence, the hands of the characters are folded on his chest, like the dead. The eyes of many are closed, and those that are open exude cold and indifference. Red tones cause quite natural associations - blood, aggression, horror, and contrasting black adds a sense of gloom and oppressive atmosphere. It is not clear what is poured in the glasses of these people: maybe this is wine, and maybe blood.

It is also striking that not all the people depicted in the picture are men. One of them is a woman written in slightly brighter colors than the rest. It may seem that it personifies a bright beginning, some kind of glimpse in the darkness. However, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that this is a misleading impression: her face is ugly, she is naked and, it seems, she has no hair. Rather, it personifies vice than light.

Associations with the Last Supper involuntarily arise, only the Feast of the Kings is a dark version of this famous painting. Moreover, there is a dog curled up under the table in the picture. It may seem that this is just a harmless animal, but in fact, the dog is a symbol of the devilish, dark beginning.

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