Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “In the Forest of Countess Mordvinova”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “In the Forest of Countess Mordvinova”

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Shishkin depicts the true splendor of native nature. The main character of the canvas is the forest. It strikes with its mighty trees. Fir trees are directed straight into the sky. They grow very close to one another. If you try to get a glimpse into the thick of this mysterious forest, it seems that there is complete darkness. It is no coincidence that it seems to us that something very scary and mysterious is hidden there. But this is just an illusion. The forest is completely harmless. These associations are inspired by dark needles and dark shades of trunks.

The whole space is shrouded in spruce forest. He prefers to protect his possessions, not letting anyone in them. On the ground you can see only lichens of a gray hue and green moss. This is a kind of web, which miraculously enveloped not only the whole earth, but also the trunks of magnificent spruces.

Huge trees do not allow to break through to the light of the shoots, which sometimes appears here. She seeks somehow to survive in this old virgin forest. Small trees look stunted and very nondescript. The forest seems dark, but among the tops you can see the blue sky, which is illuminated by the warm rays of the sun. He also lit a small clearing, which Shishkin depicted in the foreground.

The artist depicts a man in the forest. This suggests that the spruce was not as dense as it first seemed to us. This is an old man with a beard. He probably works as a forester. We see that he thinks of something, leaning on a cane. It is likely that he is attracted to a walk in the silence of this forest. He listens to the sounds of the most mysterious nature. The air here is very fresh and clean. In the spruce forest, you can reflect and distract from ordinary life.

The viewer is completely immersed in the atmosphere of this spruce forest and begins to feel even the aroma of pine needles. An irresistible desire arises, just like the forester in this picture, stops and think about something important.

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