Description of the painting by Nikifor Krylov “Russian Winter”

Description of the painting by Nikifor Krylov “Russian Winter”

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N.S. Krylov is a bright representative of the Safonkov school, it was he who stood at the origins of this trend. Pictures of the artist are very few. The work "Russian Winter" is the most popular work of the master. The canvas was painted from nature, a whole composition was specially built in the place chosen by the artist. Such working conditions could not afford all the painters of that time. After the work made a strong impression on the exhibition.

The artist wrote the work without inventing anything. Choosing a place on the hill, he could see the whole landscape. From the hillock, the road leads to the shores of Tosna. The area is covered with shrubs, and in the distance you can see the forest. A clear wintery day makes colors even brighter. Clouds are floating in the sky, and snow is playing with bizarre shadows.

Asleep nature revives people who are in a hurry about their business. Apparently the place is very important for residents and is located near the hole. Both women and the lone traveler walk along that road. Two women met and talk, and a lone guy leads a horse under reins. Perhaps he drove her to a watering place. Another female figure with a yoke at the ready wanders through the water.

In the distance you can see a wooden house, typical of a Russian village. Women's clothing demonstrates the identity of the Russian people and its traditions. Long fluffy skirts and an apron are the traditional attire of the hostesses of that time. A scarf on the head not only saves from the cold, but also signals the status of a woman. The picture is carefully written, all the figures can be considered to the smallest detail.

The artist demonstrates the industriousness of Russian women and their physical hardening. From the picture, it breathes calm and tranquility. N.S. Krylov realistically conveyed the atmosphere of a winter day in the village. Shadows in the snow emphasize the clarity of the weather and give the canvas realism and naturalness. Perhaps because of this, the canvas is so popular today.

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