Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Sorceress-winter”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Sorceress-winter”

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The painting “Sorceress-Winter” was painted by K.F. Yuon in 1912. This period of the artist's work was saturated with the theme of the Russian village. He extolled the identity of the Russian people and showed the beauty of nature.

The canvas shows the outskirts of the village. Simple wooden houses, typical of Russia, are visible nearby. The village is surrounded by a forest where conifers with Russian birches intertwine. In the distance you can see the dome of the temple, which speaks of the spirituality of the Russian people. Even in a small village lost in the forest, there was always a church.

The weather is beautiful, there are a lot of people on the street. Perhaps this is a holiday and people are returning from the temple. You can see the silhouettes of horses, which are necessarily circled in the winter. Women strolling along the street and kids frolic. Such a time for children is joyful, you can play snowballs and ride on ice. They glide on frozen water, which causes curiosity among passers-by. The rink attracts so much attention. The atmosphere is joyful and cheerful, the picture blows good. People communicate with each other, so friends met at the entrance, stand and talk.

The picture is made in bright colors, snow favorably emphasizes the shades of houses and figures of people. Hoarfrost silvered everything around, tree branches bend from the snow. Apparently the frost chained the whole village, but this does not scare people, they have fun on the street.

The artist was able to realistically convey the atmosphere of the holiday and fun. Looking at the picture, I just want to run through the snowy surface, play snowballs with the guys, ride a skating rink and breathe in the frosty air that gives strength and a feeling of complete freedom! The breadth of the Russian soul and the openness of the people are felt. The picture exudes revelation and naturalness.

The artist showed harmony between people and nature. A person is part of the world and it is possible to live without causing damage to the environment.

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