Description of the painting by Nikolai Romadin "Fresh Wind"

Description of the painting by Nikolai Romadin

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N.M. Romadin had an amazing sense of nature and very accurately conveyed the beauty of the world in an original style. His works are recognizable and unusual.

In the landscape, the main thing is to convey the mood of nature, and not just portray its beauty. Romadin in his picture "Fresh Wind" displayed a pier on the shore of a reservoir. The river meanders and its rapids are visible, and on the opposite bank you can see trees and a flower meadow of bright yellow flowers.

In the foreground is a small log cabin that is buried in the water. The wooden pier is small, but serves as a haven for fishing boats. One boat lonely washed ashore, and the second, having dismissed a sail, goes inland.

You can see the silhouette of a man who masterfully controls a white sailboat. A sail catches the wind and signals its strength and power. The water surface is turbulent, the wind walks on its surface and picks up small waves. It is raining, but it does not scare the boatman, he headed further from the coast and inclement weather only to help him.

The artist showed the weather and mood of nature very realistically with the help of a smooth surface that changes its colors and creates a sense of movement. The sky is overcast, but the picture is not overflowing with gloomy shades, on the contrary, bright accents are present and accurately convey the summer atmosphere.

The painter was able to convey this subtle state of the surrounding world, the freshness of a rainy day and the movement associated with the blowing of the wind. The movement of the boat through the wind and rain indicates the persistence of a person in achieving his goal, despite obstacles and difficulties.

The picture creates the general mood of nature, reflects the vastness, the infinity of the water surface and the harmony that only nature can create. Man is part of nature, therefore, harmoniously fits into the overall landscape.

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