Description of the painting Vasily Surikov "Healing a blindborn"

Description of the painting Vasily Surikov

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V. Surikov is considered a clairvoyant, he depicted his knowledge on canvas. The artist was unlike anyone, he interrupted his creative path for a long time.

The work “Healing a blindborn” was the first picture after a long break. In this work, he conveyed all his state of mind. The painter claimed that he created the canvas for himself, throwing out emotions, he tried to heal after the heavy loss of his wife.

The painting depicts Jesus healing a blind man. Over the shoulder of the prophet the faces of the curious are visible, one can make out the surprise on their faces. Christ appeared in a classic image for the biblical story, but his face is very similar to the Slavic type. Blind in confusion, a whole spectrum of emotions is displayed on his face.

His fingers are bent, he seems to be looking for a cane or support, because his eyes can not see anything. Jesus expresses calm, with one hand he holds the hand of the patient, and the other laid on his head. All his becoming expresses harmony and confidence.

The blind man, on the contrary, beats in agony, he is lost and completely indefinite, he does not believe in miracles, despite the desire to see clearly. The painter in the image of a blind person embodied himself, namely his condition. He could not recover for a very long time and return to life. In the person of Jesus appears the work of the artist, he is healed by art. The picture instills faith in life and infinite hope.

The painter did not immediately exhibit the work, he created it for himself, healing his soul. The master realized his blindness and helplessness. He had to return to life, healing was not easy for him, it was necessary to release all the demons and accept the help of the prophet.

The surprise on the faces of those present was copied from real people. At first, everyone was struck by such a long mourning, and then the return to life alarmed many of the master's acquaintances. Nevertheless, the master revived himself.

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