Description of the painting by Sergey Tutunov “Winter has come. Childhood"

Description of the painting by Sergey Tutunov “Winter has come. Childhood

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Russian artist Sergei Tutunov painted a lot of paintings. Lush spring bouquets in graceful vases, portraits of relatives, landscapes - he glorified nature and beauty, love and sincerity in his works.

"Winter has come. Childhood ”: looking at this work, emotions close to many are recognized. The window, a modest curtain, the little boy froze, clinging his hands to the window pane - snow fell on the street.

As often with the onset of the winter months, tired of the dark frosty days, I want to plunge into a cozy fairy tale. And the long-awaited snow joyfully gives us this opportunity. He always appears unexpectedly, but is loved by all children and adults who have preserved the memory of their happy, full of carefree fun, childhood.

It seems the boy has just woken up. Having forgotten about sweet dreams, about breakfast and his favorite toys, he rushed to the window and looked fascinated at the flying snow fluffs, at the smooth velvet carpet in the courtyard. A white magic winter house enveloped houses and trees. So, there will be a New Year - a holiday of the best gifts and good mood.

So, you can go sledding with the guys from the yard, laughing joyfully and, smiling, catching beautiful snowflakes. Now you can play snowballs. And after playing enough, run to a warm house, where a caring grandmother had already brewed tea and baked delicious homemade cookies.

Tutunov’s painting evokes a whirlwind of childhood memories. She returns to another, better time, when the most anticipated winters were snowfalls. Seeing a white blanket on the street, we could consider ourselves the most successful and happy in the world.

Soviet painter proved himself a master of landscape. Oil paint lays on the canvas with smooth, careful strokes, as if afraid to break the fragile harmony of a winter miracle. The picture is bright both in the palette of colors and in the emotional experiences born from its contemplation.

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