Description of Alberto Giacometti's Pointing Man Sculpture

Description of Alberto Giacometti's Pointing Man Sculpture

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Alberto Giacometti is one of the highest paid sculptors in the world. He lived in the last century, but his work to this day leaves auctions for millions of dollars.

In his work, he used an unusual surrealistic approach. For a unique and non-standard manner of performance, Giacometti gained a lot of fans of his work.

Complex feelings and conflicting emotions aroused the sculptor’s creations in the audience. However, he did not have followers who would work in a similar direction. Giacometti's works were the result of the embodiment of his extraordinary outlook on life and fine mental organization.

Despite the fact that in his work the ingenious author liked to experiment with shapes and textures, his skate was a sculptural image of elongated figures without weight and density. Thus, he developed his own unique and recognizable style.

The sculpture, called the "Pointing Man" is one of the most amazing works of the master. The thin, almost dried, silhouette of a person symbolizes his role in the modern world. His weakness and loneliness. Inability to withstand the crushing blows of one’s fate.

Giacometti invented his own masterpiece and brought it to life in 1947. Only one night was spent on it. When he presented this sculpture to the public in the art gallery, it made a big splash among the audience.

The sculpture reaches a height of 1m. 80cm Its uniqueness lies also in the fact that the author personally applied paint to the base of bronze. Initially, the auction organizers expected to receive $ 130 million for it. But the auction was more successful than expected, and the sculpture went under the hammer for 141 million.

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