Description of the painting Vasily Surikov "Portrait of a daughter"

Description of the painting Vasily Surikov

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We have a very touching picture. The artist depicts his daughter Olga as a child. We see a pretty girl who is diligently posing for her father. In her hands she holds her favorite doll. Surikov manages to convey the liveliness of his daughter’s character.

There is a smile on the girl’s face. She is good-natured and very soft. In the eyes you can read a special curiosity. The face is round and very sweet. It is framed by magnificent hair.

On Olya there is a bright red dress in small peas of white color. A large white collar of elegant lace adorns it. This detail makes the baby figure more feminine.

The artist never painted portraits specially commissioned. His relatives usually posed for him. Here Surikov portrayed his eldest daughter.

We see a strong ten-year-old girl. You can feel her childish clumsiness. It is painted next to the stove. It is the stove that becomes a kind of background for this picture.

Olga's gaze is striking in openness and directness. She looks at all the barrels. The artist manages to characteristically capture the figure of his daughter. Surikov does not seek to embellish his model.

This picture allows you to feel special comfort and peace. This portrait was the logical conclusion of a whole period in the life of the painter. This time was the happiest in his whole life.

The special color of the portrait is impressive. Surikov masterfully uses color. All colors are as saturated as possible. He strives for incredible expressiveness. As a result, the artist manages to write a live portrait. It seems like another minute, and we will hear children's laughter, and the girl will fall off her feet.

Surikov not only portrays his daughter, but also conveys a special attitude towards her. We feel that he loves her very much.

The audience has an incredibly warm feeling. I want to believe that Olga has a great future. In the meantime, she conquers everyone with her spontaneity.

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