Description of Boris Kustodiev’s self-portrait

Description of Boris Kustodiev’s self-portrait

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Kustodiev is a Russian artist who, with all his appearance, has always been qualitatively different from the rest. Indeed, looking at his self-portrait, it is immediately clear that a real Russian peasant appeared before the viewer. His whole appearance suggests that we are facing a real, typical Russian peasant, whom not only foreigners are used to seeing us, but also ourselves.

Please note that his whole posture suggests that he is the true owner of his land. Either he went out to hunt, or simply decided to inspect his lands, and maybe he was going to search for something, and apparently, he would definitely find it.

A gun is seen in his hands. But it’s understandable, why so walk around idly? The view is very important, and if you pay attention to his gaze, it is immediately clear that he is looking for something, maybe he is looking for something or has already found it and does not want to lose sight of it.

In the background, an endless plain, with a small spill, where at a distance, even merges together. The self-portrait was made very surprisingly, the image itself is very close to the viewer, and allows you to consider all the details of interest, both in appearance and in facial expressions.

The self-portrait was most likely made in the autumn period, Kustodiev’s clothes and the yellow trees that stand behind indicate this. Among other things, they often go hunting during this period, naturally proceeding from the beast they hunt.

To find out why the artist decided to reproduce himself in just this way is quite difficult, but then again, Kustodiev was distinguished not only by his appearance, but also by his special vision of everything around and what was happening, which, in turn, simply could not affect the painting.

Serious and focused - such Kustodiev was familiar to a large number of people around him and admirers of his work. Self-portrait deserves the highest praise.

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