Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "Dance in the city"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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To the birth of the painting “Dance in the City”, which Renoir painted in 1883, a certain Paul Duran-Ruelle was directly involved, he ordered three picturesque panels for himself where the dances would be depicted.

Renoir was interested in this subject, he had already addressed it, but this time the painter embodied a curious idea - all three panels had the same pair in dance.

The artist, as if playing, transferred the dancers to Paris (the painting “Dance in the City” had another name, “Dance in Paris”), the couple moved to Bougival — the second picture was called “Dance in Bougival”, or even to the village (The third picture is called "Dance in the Village"). And everywhere, as if by magic, the same people appeared to the audience completely different.

In the painting “Dance in the City”, an elegant couple dances near marble columns, and the appearance of a man and woman is unusually elegant and full of elegance. The man is dressed in a classic black tailcoat and white gloves. He carefully embraces his lady, but his whole pose is full of gallantry and attention.

The woman is unusually sweet. A brocade dress encircles her slender figure, which with soft folds gives the lady even more sparkle and airiness. A high hairstyle opens a delicate white neck, the neckline of the dress shows the flawless whiteness of the shoulders and back.

The coquette is unusually beautiful - a delicate blush on round cheeks, an upturned nose, beautiful eyes. Graceful hands emphasize the plasticity and beauty of the movements.

According to knowledgeable people, a friend of Renoir posed for this picture - Paul Lot. However, it is difficult to say this - the man’s face is not visible here. But the lady’s face is written quite subtly, and the image of a dancing woman depicts Marie - Clementine, it was she who posed for Renoir.

Later, this attractive woman herself was carried away by painting and became famous as the artist Susanne Valadon. She shared her love of painting with her son, who is known as Maurice Utrillo.

But all this will happen later, and now, in this picture, only a soundless melody and a beautiful, young couple.

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