Description of the artwork Alexander Gerasimov “Anthem to October”

Description of the artwork Alexander Gerasimov “Anthem to October”

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The author of thematic paintings had the gift of a portrait painter, although he often addressed the theme of landscape and lyrical painting. Among his portraits are dominated by the faces of senior leaders of the country and the party.

Large canvases resemble posters and serve as an example of the Soviet style. The color and style of performance is distinguished by a wide, juicy brushstroke and an energetic, rough combination of colors.

The favorite artist of the leader Gerasimov was the first president of the Academy of Arts in the USSR, a tough leader who managed the artistic life in the Soviet state. He was an exponent of ideological attitudes and actively put them into practice.

Historical background and personal characteristics left an imprint on his work. In his work of the 40s, epic plots and group portraits of the Stalin era find expression.

A masterpiece by the best Soviet artist appeared in wartime in 1942. The picture shows a sincere faith in the state and the Soviet system. The large canvas depicts a ceremonial meeting on the occasion of the anniversary of the October Revolution, but in reality it turned out that the meeting was never held, so the artist embodies the triumph on canvas.

The Bolshoi Theater was chosen as the meeting room, as indicated by the side lodges, a large stage with classical columns and a raised curtain curtain.

The work is part of the country's historical heritage and is made in the style of social realism. For the monumental work he was awarded the Stalin Prize. The pathetic picture has visited 10 foreign exhibitions and is one of the demanded sources of the history of the state and painting in general.

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