Description of the monument to Yuri Nikulin

Description of the monument to Yuri Nikulin

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The famous domestic actor of the twentieth century, Yuri Nikulin, and after death remains the most beloved among the audience. Films with his participation are still watched by people of different ages. And so that the memories in the hearts of people stayed for a long time, fifteen years ago they built a composition for the great actor in front of the Moscow Circus. Nikulin is depicted here standing on the ground.

The construction was opened on September 3, 2000. The place was chosen in front of the circus, because the artist worked in it for more than fifty years. The composition is represented by a figure of Nikulin, made in bronze, and a nearby car. He is familiar to everyone from the film about the "Caucasian captive."

The actor is dressed in a small jacket taken from a clown costume, a tie and a boater hat. The car was also poured out of bronze, but its size is smaller than a real car. Instead of the number there is an inscription Yuri Nikulin.

The sculpture was created by artist Alexander Rukavishnikov. There were many ideas for the composition, but decided to dwell on this one in order to combine both the cinema and the circus. The monument was erected for two years. A convertible was cast in Minsk, and the artist’s statue had to be performed in Italy, because it was more laborious in structure. The construction weighs three and a half tons. The organizers of the circus Yu. Nikulin financed this work; in total, the sculpture cost three hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.

On the opening day, the building was presented to the capital. The composition stands on the pedestrian zone. Over the fifteen years of the existence of this composition, the inhabitants of the city have composed several legends. All of them are based on the fact that the monument will bring happiness to people. But for this it is necessary, for example, to rub Nikulin’s nose well. Some also suggest rubbing some of the clothes. It is sometimes said that there will be luck if you sit in a convertible. Because of this, after so many years, the sculpture shines like polished.

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