Description of the monument to cucumber in Lukhovitsy

Description of the monument to cucumber in Lukhovitsy

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Originality of thinking has been appreciated at all times. Even in ancient times, rulers were seekers of those people who could surprise them. Be it acting or good building and unique skills. Times have changed, but we still love to look at those things that look unusual. After all, we are so used to everyday objects in life.

The same applies to monuments. They surround us, often we do not notice them. There they are, and there is, even without knowing who is depicted on them. But there are such sculptures that millions of people come to them. This exhibit is a monument to cucumber.

He stands in a city near Moscow. And this is not just sarcasm. The fact is that the city of Lukhovitsy is a whole storehouse of healthy vegetables. He is one of the leaders among the suppliers of cucumbers to the capital market.

Residents appreciate the place in which they live, as the city has a very mild climate. It is it that allows you to grow crops on an industrial scale. At the same time, city residents raise cucumbers on their own. And they feed the same capital with their own hands. Various farms here do not do this.

Of course, when for a person, something or someone is of great importance in life, you want to do it nicely. And why not build a monument to the cucumber, if it really is the basis of life for the whole city and subsequently the region.

Of course, trade makes up a significant portion of the budget. In 2007, residents decided to thank their breadwinner by immortalizing him at the entrance to the city. Now this place has become famous throughout the country.

Everyone who drives through the city cannot help but stop. This only confirms the above, that there are a lot of monuments, but only a few are remembered for a lifetime. Monument to the cucumber in Lukhovitsy is a bright representative.

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