Description of the monument to Chekhov in Tomsk

Description of the monument to Chekhov in Tomsk

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There are many monuments in Russia. Why is this happening? Judge for yourself.

Monuments can become popular when they evoke emotions in people. Well, how can you get past such a pedestal as a monument to Chekhov in the city of Tomsk. If you have not seen him, then a serious monumental man who is immortalized for his writing talent is immediately drawn in your imagination. And here it is.

The monument to Chekhov depicts the writer as very comical, with sarcasm. And the reason for this is the “resentment” of the residents that when Chekhov was in their native and beloved city, he spoke extremely unflattering about him.

Tomsk seemed to him a place of drunkards, dirt and dirt. He did not stint words. Well, after more than a hundred years, the citizens on the 400th anniversary of their homeland decided to make themselves such an original gift. At the same time, they collected funds for it themselves.

Of course, not everyone likes this monument. Someone says that this is blasphemy, because in this way, according to the Protestants, the memory of a great man is desecrated.

Others, on the contrary, consider the monument a great attraction. He is especially loved among students who come to rub their nose before taking exams. Why is it now shining.

On the monument itself there is a commemorative inscription that describes the monument. And the inscription says that - this is Chekhov, who is seen by a drunken man who is lying on the sidelines.

Of course, not all authorities have such an original approach to city attractions. But Tomichi were not afraid of anything and expressed their opinion to the writer about their native Tomsk. And this has its own truth. After all, for every homeland is a home, and it is the best.

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