Description of the painting by Fedor Rokotov “Portrait of an Unknown Woman in a Pink Dress”

Description of the painting by Fedor Rokotov “Portrait of an Unknown Woman in a Pink Dress”

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The lyrical portrait of an unknown lady is one of the famous works of the artist. A warm look and a lovely smile gives her an incomparable beauty with the charm of understatement. The soft translucent appearance of the unknown is surrounded by ash pink hues.

In appearance, clothing and jewelry, one can judge the ideals of beauty, tastes and fashion. After all, the portrait was painted in the noble 18th century, when brilliant ladies inspired poets and artists. The long eyelashes, delicate features and eyes of the girl read the question: who can compare with me? The master’s manner illuminates the face and figure with a dim light, and the melting contours are almost blurry at dusk, which makes the young woman seem airy.

The palette has a fanciful game of gentle halftones and is perceived as an interpretation of the lady's emotional impulses. The light gradations of tonal painting hint at the hidden, but vibrant life of the heroine. A pink dress realistically conveys the quality of the material, and the presence of jewelry and a lush hairstyle gives her a wealthy lady.

The creative career of the portrait painter Rokotov is crowned with a series of beautiful female portraits. And each of them is unique and inimitable. Female faces appear as a light vision in a color haze arising from dusk.

The images are filled with poetic beauty and aesthetic delight. These artistic features characterize the special manner of painting by Fedor Rokotov. Moreover, portraits are painted with oval roundness, and the shape of the canvas emphasizes the rhythm of the work.

In Rokotov’s lens, the expression of the eyes and facial expressions of the heroes are very important, but the master does not strive for a certain manifestation of mood, but only creates a feeling of fleeting feelings and the inexorability of emotions. Here, the relationship between the artist and the model is very important. A sense of respect for the model and the disclosure of personality can be traced to a high degree in any face of Rokotov.

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