Description of the painting Mstislav Dobuzhinsky “Man with glasses”

Description of the painting Mstislav Dobuzhinsky “Man with glasses”

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Mstislav Dobuzhinsky has always been among those people who knew that he belonged entirely to art. Not paying attention to mistakes and failures, he grew and improved his skills. Our compatriot often experienced creative torment, stagnation, crises, but he struggled with himself and will continue to give his works to the world. Many paintings by Dobuzhinsky were created while working on a series of works about St. Petersburg.

The author often tried to capture, display and capture the spirit of the passing era. It should be noted that he succeeded. Absolutely all the works of a talented painter are fraught with meaning: not one of the works was written just like that, for beauty.

Canvases always carry nostalgia, a memory of the past, of significant events, of childhood. Mstislav Valerianovich fought for the past, displaying it on canvas, he never painted the future, desired and very rarely real. This is another remarkable feature of Dobuzhinsky's paintings.

His images are saturated with some extraordinary feeling, atmosphere, surroundings. Each viewer finds for himself something of his own, intimate: memories of his virginity, happy moments, or maybe the opposite - sad moments, changes, or melancholy that has suddenly overtaken.

“The man with glasses” is one of those works that inspire global thoughts. Here a man is depicted, against the backdrop of glowing bright colors of the city, he seems austere and gloomy. Despite the variety of colors - the city is empty: wasteland, houses and factory pipes. It is impossible to make out his eyes, as if he is gradually depersonalized, turning gray.

Thus, Dobuzhinsky wanted to convey the idea of ​​how a person loses his own personality and becomes lonely. Watercolor paints perfectly fit the mood of the author.

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