Description of the painting by Fedor Rokotov “Portrait of Surovtseva”

Description of the painting by Fedor Rokotov “Portrait of Surovtseva”

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The painter Rokotov became famous as a skillful portrait painter. In his preserved creative heritage there are wonderful paired portraits of the four Surovtsevs. A representative of a noble family married nee Pashkova. Varvara Nikolaevna with her husband Surovtsev were painted by Rokotov in portraits in oval frames. The style of creating a female image is particularly graceful.

The artist carefully worked on the external details of the appearance of Surovtseva, but no less attention was paid to her inner world.

The image of a young woman is made in the Rococo style, in the 1780s. The author writes a portrait of a Russian lady with a hairstyle characteristic of those times and in a beautiful dress.

The colors of beige and silver tones of her robes shimmer like mother of pearl. The neckline is decorated with a pistachio ribbon and a branch of a lush rose. Hair from a light forehead is combed back and powdered. Several curled curls frame the thin neck of the heroine.

Surovtseva's face is young and ruddy. Glance pensive, serious and somewhat sad. A subtle half-smile adds to the woman a romantic charm. The image of Barbara appears to the audience full of spiritual beauty. The soft and kind face of the model delights the Russian artist.

The painting technique in "Portrait of Surovtseva" has the features of lightness and undoubted skill of the portrait painter. Confident and swift movements of the brush, all the features of a woman are written, which are distinguished by light colors on a darkened oval background. Soft pink flower petals on the model's dress echo with a fresh blush on her face. The pearl, iridescent tones of the portrait perfectly match the beautiful female image.

Fedor Rokotov created a portrait with a reflection of the entire depth of the heroine’s feelings. Viewers can only admire this subtle mental work.

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