Description of Peter Bruegel’s painting “The Seasons”

Description of Peter Bruegel’s painting “The Seasons”

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In the art of the Netherlands XVI century. Peter Bruegel acts as a significant figure. The cycle of oil paintings on wood “The Seasons”, dated by the author in 1565, shows the annual cycle of natural changes. Unfortunately, only 5 of the 6 paintings of the painter were preserved. Other researchers believe that the paintings were 12. The works were written for collector Nikolos Jonghelink.

"Hunters in the snow" is supposedly depicted in December - January. Several hunters with prey and dogs head for the city. A fire is lit to their left, where a pig is scorched. In the city, people have fun on a frozen pond. The picture is calm and harmonious in scale and mood.

“Shadow Day” - a picture about the early spring (February - March). One peasant cuts the willow branches, the other next binds them into a bundle. Another company has fun and walks while eating waffles. This fragment resembles carnival festivities. During the thaw, the water in the river is raging, nailing the remains of the ships to the shore. The mood of the picture is melancholy and restless.

"Haymaking" reflects the labor of peasants in June - July. Women and men are busy haymaking. The picture has many yellow and orange shades, which creates a general joyful mood.

The "harvest" takes place in the late summer. On the canvas August - September. One team of reapers is working, others are busy snacking in the shade of a tree. Nearby, a tired man is sleeping.

"The Return of the Herd" refers to November. Shepherds in a hurry to drive the herd from summer pastures. In the blackening sky it is clear that bad weather is approaching.

Bruegel depicted in detail in The Seasons the appearance of nature in different months. But the figures of peasants, with their work traditional for different seasons, are brought to the fore in his works. The harmonious coexistence of nature and man is perfectly reflected in the works of the artist.

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