Description of the painting by Rafael Santi “Madonna and Dog with a Goldfinch”

Description of the painting by Rafael Santi “Madonna and Dog with a Goldfinch”

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The painting was done using the oil painting technique for wood; its author is the famous Italian artist, and the representative of the Umbrian school is Rafael Santi. The creation of the canvas dates back to 1506, at the moment it is stored in the Florentine Gallery of Church Services.

Once upon a time, the painting was bought by the French bourgeois - a wealthy dealer in expensive fabrics on the occasion of his marriage. The house of the Nazi couple - the first owners of the painting - collapsed in 1547, then the canvas, damaged by the ruins of several more houses on the slope, was almost destroyed - divided into seventeen fragments.

By order of Nazi, Raphael painted a picture depicting the babies of Jesus and St. John. The Mother of God, at whose feet the baby stands, Jesus favorably watches as John passes him a small bird (a symbol of the Passion of Christ). The views and gestures of the heroes of the canvas form a “connecting chain”, combine their images into a single composition. Against the background of the classic "triangular" composition, there is a landscape of a wide river, shrouded in a light haze.

The horizon seems endless because of the mountains, majestically rising above the river landscape. The bow and oak grove behind the Madonna and the babies does not distract the viewer, but, on the contrary, creates a larger “airy” volume of the background. A deep play of light and shadow creates additional volume, and local colors in Madonna’s clothes highlight her central figure and, as it were, create a “contour” of the entire composition of the foreground. Maria’s pose, hands, legs, directed to the right from the viewer's point of view, attract attention to the book, but at the same time her gentle look is directed at enthusiastic babies.

Art historians rightly note the similarities between Madonna Raphael and Leonardo, however, they distinguish their work with special tenderness, the absence of anxiety and anxiety in the images created by Raphael.

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