Description of the painting by Pavel Filonov “Peasant Family”

Description of the painting by Pavel Filonov “Peasant Family”

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Pavel Filonov - the famous Russian avant-garde artist. His works are famous for the special construction of the composition, the uniqueness and technique of the image. Filonov called his methodology "analytical." His works are a careful development, writing and drawing of tiny details that create a special charm for the picture.

Thus, multilevel compositions arose as a whole. Filonov liked to depict objects, phenomena or people not as they could be in reality, but as figurative. Although his canvases are considered bright, original, colorful, they have never been beautiful, pleasing to the eye.

Rather, on the contrary, they aroused and cause disgust, are hard to perceive, it will not work for a long time to look at them and enjoy a harmonious picture. It can be said that the author deliberately made his work so unpleasant, used dirty colors, wrote such defiantly frightening images.

"Peasant Family" is also a rather eccentric phenomenon in Russian painting. Initially, the viewer may think that he is not observing the work of the famous avant-garde artist, but a stereo image. The work can be divided into foreground and background - they are very visually separated from each other. First you can see a family of three: a man, a woman and a baby. Next to them are a wolf, a horse, standing on opposite sides of people, and two birds - a chicken and a rooster, living in the lower right corner of the picture.

It is difficult to say about the background: the artist depicted flowers around the perimeter, not separated from each other by space. In addition, they are filled with a variety of figurative figures that surround the peasant family. The bodies of humans and animals are not subject to any laws of anatomy and, at first glance, are more likely to cause double sensations. The work is dominated by red.

It is difficult to say about the work of the great avant-garde artist. The genre does not imply that it is possible to interpret the works unambiguously. Filonov conveys tension, a special atmosphere, an associative series. "Peasant Family" will not leave indifferent any spectator, awakening in him the deepest sensations, memories and feelings.

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