Description of Moor's painting “Help”

Description of Moor's painting “Help”

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Moor is the pseudonym of Dmitry Stakhievich Orlov, a Russian artist and master of graphics. "Help" - one of the previously known campaign posters, created in 1921. As the author himself said: “To prevent the help of starving people, class enemies made every possible effort. The poster was conceived with the aim of awakening the unconscious elements of the population. "

And indeed, the old man, withered, skinny, broken by hunger, pierced through with a wheat ear, made the desired impression. The image was more eloquent than any literary legends. Everything in this spikelet is barren fields dried up by the sun's rays, children dying of hunger, tears of mothers. No wonder the author portrayed the peasant as white on a black background - this is a symbol of a dying life in the midst of eternal darkness. And behind is another wheat ear.

The old man is so tall and emaciated that the skin sticks to his bones. The arms and legs are sinewy, exhausted by eternal overwhelming labor and almost no longer capable of anything. The man is depicted in old, ragged clothes - people are poor, freezing, trying to survive as they can. The image that causes a storm of emotions no longer needs any additions.

Campaign posters are a multitasking phenomenon. In addition to provoking the feelings of each person individually, they also create some urges to action, thereby uniting the people against their common misfortune.

The various inscriptions accompanying the image briefly explain the essence of the problem. “Help” is an obvious call for help, a request for food, in the opportunity to live one more day longer. This meek phrase in the heads of the people sounds in a languid, tormented voice of those in need of food, prompting you to come to the aid of the unfortunate and feed them bread, saturate their stomachs, and overcome the problem of hunger once and for all.

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