Description of the painting Vasily Tropinin “Girl with a Pot of Roses”

Description of the painting Vasily Tropinin “Girl with a Pot of Roses”

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This work dates from the year 1850. At that time, the fame of its author - Vasily Tropinin, a magnificent portrait painter who became the ancestor of a new unique everyday genre, unfortunately, is slowly fading.

However, this state of affairs only encourages the artist. He continues to write and try new things in this direction, remaining true to his principles of depicting people living a happy and joyful life.

“Girl with a Pot of Roses” is a masterpiece and a crown of achievement for the heights of V. Tropinin. The canvas depicts a young maid, immersed in the chores of cleaning the house. In the background, on closer inspection, canvases unfurled deep into the room are guessed; it can be assumed that the artist depicted his workshop. Unusual for the master to use dark colors, emphasizes the bright image of the girl, all bathed in light and painted in exquisite golden brown tones.

The fabric of the dress with a florid pattern, small earrings in the ears, and a thin string of beads peeps from under the scarf. Black as tar, hair, even if it is put in a strict bun, emphasizes the roundness and softness of the face. The girl is young and beautiful, like the roses in her hands, so in such seemingly insignificant details the coquetry and desire to show off are inherent in any woman.

An open, with notes of playfulness, a direct look and a confident, frozen in movement, stately figure of a maid creates an amazing sense of the dynamics of the whole picture. The dark background sets off the romantic airy image of the girl. She, like a rosebud, is ready to reveal herself in all her splendor. Even on such an ordinary day, doing household work, without a grandiose surroundings, the girl captivates and fascinates with her look.

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