Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The battle of the Scythians with the Slavs”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The battle of the Scythians with the Slavs”

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The artist Vasnetsov proved himself to be a wonderful master in depicting everyday scenes. He was also interested in a religious theme, and with it the motives of folk tales. But this does not stop the painter in the skillful mastery of different genres. The epic-historical direction occupies the period of Vasnetsov’s creativity from 1880 to the end of the 1890s.

“The battle of the Scythians with the Slavs” - the work of the Russian artist in 1881

A rather large canvas on a heroic theme was written with a characteristic scale, but with some historical inaccuracies. In fact, the Scythians lived centuries before the Slavs. But this fact was not known in the 19th century. In the guise of Scythians, the artist writes steppe nomads who periodically attacked Slavic possessions.

The dynamic plot of the picture shows the battle in full swing. The Russian knight on a black horse swung a heroic weapon at an angry enemy. A wild nomad on a red horse raises a long spear above himself. The skirmish of the riders freezes in anticipation of the outcome of the battle.

The differences in the outfit of opponents are striking. The Slavs, as glorious heroes, are clad in sound steel armor. Nomads are clearly lagging behind - they are in ordinary shirts and with simple weapons.

The skirmish occurred in the middle of the steppes of the Dnieper lands. Tall grass goes far beyond the horizon. An alarming sky over the heroes is covered with a purple haze. The oppressive atmosphere of an imminent battle is conveyed with amazing accuracy and deep emotionality.

Vasnetsov in his epic paintings is in search of the lost primitive Russia.

The images of strong valiant heroes inspire the Russian researcher. "The battle of the Scythians with the Slavs" exposes the unwavering spirit of the Slavs in the battle with the wild invaders.

The picture with the image of the struggle of Russia "with the steppe" can be seen in St. Petersburg - in the 38th hall of the Russian Museum.

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