Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Vase with Iris”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Vase with Iris”

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“Iris Vase” is one of the few still lifes created by Van Gogh during his stay in the clinic after cutting off his own ear. The artist did not have the opportunity to go for walks, and writing copies of paintings by other masters quickly bored him. Then Van Gogh began to write still lifes with flowers. More often it was roses or irises.

This picture is very different from other works of the artist. Clear outlines of objects, leaves, each petal are obvious. The coloring of work is harmoniously sustained. One can see the author’s desire to pull himself together, collect thoughts, organize at least some kind of self-control.

The surface of the countertop is just a green strip, and a vase with a lush bouquet is located exactly in the center of the canvas. The flowers in the bouquet are distributed quite organically, there are no voids, the composition is well thought out.

The color scheme of the work is presented in a combination of cold pastel colors. Against a pale violet background, a white-blue vase is clearly traced and highlighted. The flowers look a little fading, this is due to the unique combination of shades of ultramarine, pink with interspersed white strokes. The leaves of irises are in original color in color with the surface of the table. A distinctive feature of Van Gogh's writing of still lifes is that he does not paint large planes, but paints them in one color. But objects and forms are neatly modeled using chiaroscuro. Engraving artists in Japan worked on a similar principle, whose work was always distinguished by accuracy, speed and clarity.

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