Description of the painting by Peter Rubens "Susanna and the Elders"

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens

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In the center of the canvas, painted by Rubens, is Susanna, who was bathing naked in her garden. And this process was watched with interest by two old men.

The history of the painting is known in many verses from the Book of the Prophet Daniel. According to the plot, the observers are deeply respected, elected judges. And they threatened the girl with charges of adultery. Thus they tried to get closeness from her. Susanna, of course, refused, and for this she was accused of adultery, which was punishable by death.

The Prophet Daniel saved her from death. He interrogated each elder individually and realized that they were lying. For this they were executed. The artist often turned to this plot.

In the image of Susanna, the author conveyed incredible sensuality, combined with fear. The girl is completely naked, and her gentle body literally shines, manifesting itself in the darkness of the garden. This is all due to the unique flickering painting. She looks with horror in her eyes at the elders who are already pulling her hands to her. The picture clearly shows a contrasting combination of tenderness, beauty, freshness and lascivious old age. This is the whole dramatic plot.

Rubens portrayed Susanna so pure, gentle, chaste, that the victory of innocence on base instincts due to sublime physical beauty becomes apparent.

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