Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Family Portrait”

Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Family Portrait”

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The painting “Family Portrait” was painted by Peter Konchalovsky in 1912 in the city of Siena. The whole Konchalovsky family is present at it: the artist, wife and children.

Konchalovsky wrote “Family Portrait” one day when the family had already come to terms with frequent trips. In a short time they visited Siberia, Spain, Italy, France ... During his travels, the artist was engaged in writing sketches and strolling through museums. He was constantly surrounded by children and his wife.

The room in the "Family Portrait" is associated with the monastery refectory. And bare walls hint at this, a small amount of food and the artist’s clothes, which are like monastic. In general, the canvas resembles wall murals that are present at Italian monasteries. This idea was expressed by the artist himself. According to his observations, people constantly sit in the Italian room as if they are going to pose for a fresco.

In addition, in Siena, the artist spent a lot of time studying Renaissance frescoes. Hence the influence of the old masters on the artist.

The portrait is made in primitive colors, like most Italian frescoes. Despite this simplification, the image looks alive. The chair, which looks like a purple spot on the canvas, is no accident here. Someone accidentally put it in that place, and Konchalovsky admitted that the chair literally grows into the portrait and merges with it.

After the "Family Portrait", the artist begins to work on a series of paintings in realistic painting. He experimented for a long time: collides real objects with painted paints.

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