Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Niagara Falls"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Aivazovsky’s work in the 1890s was particularly fruitful. In the early 90s he made a trip to America, where he exhibited his works. After America, he comes to Feodosia, where in 1892 he creates the painting "Niagara Falls". The artist admired this waterfall for a long time on an American trip.

The artist brought an album to Feodosia, in which he made sketches of Niagara. Based on them, Aivazovsky later creates different versions of Niagara Falls. The artist did his work in kind, despite the fact that he had brought numerous photographs of the waterfall from America.

The work is imbued with fresh color and a sense of freshness. There are clouds in the sky, but the landscape is shrouded in light that comes from the best of the sun. They significantly embellished the water and shore. The picture is decorated with a rainbow, which the artist, based on his American sketches, saw above the waterfall. The ease of painting, the matte finish that allows you to see the structure of the canvas - Aivazovsky and in this work follows his painting principles. Based on his own entries in the album, made while observing the waterfall, the artist displayed the exact tone and color of the water.

A whole avalanche is thrown from the cliff. The artist does not aim to draw the attention of the viewer to certain details. He paints a picture and builds the composition so that the viewer can perceive the whole landscape immediately and not be distracted by the details.

In the painting “Niagara Falls” figures of people and a boat are noticeable, which makes the feeling of grandeur of the image only intensified.

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