Description of Karl Bryullov's painting “The Death of Inessa de Castro”

Description of Karl Bryullov's painting “The Death of Inessa de Castro”

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In 1841, Karl Bryullov created one of his most famous paintings, The Death of Inessa de Castro. The work is a typical representative of the romanticism style. The canvas is made on canvas with oil. The plot is based on real historical events.

The main character of the picture is a young woman, a representative of a noble family, the daughter of P.F. de Castro. Inessa was famous for her beauty. Thanks to natural external data, she did not go unnoticed at court. First, she became the mistress of the heir to King Alphonse the Fourth. After the royal son was widowed, the beauty became his secret wife. However, evil tongues conveyed the secret of lovers to the ruler. The young man did not dare to confess to his father what he had done, but refused to marry a noble lady. It was decided to kill Inessa.

The sentence was executed personally by King Alphonse the Fourth. In the absence of a son, he went to the girl, but was discouraged by her plea for mercy. In addition, the unfortunate had two small children. Later, the king’s advisers committed the murder. Having ascended the throne, the heir decided to avenge the death of his beloved woman. The advisers were forced to run, but were soon found and executed. After a couple of years, the ruler ordered Inessa to be removed from the grave and put her on the throne. After a while, the girl was again buried.

The masterpiece bears the imprint of tragedy, carries the bitterness of lost love. This plot has more than once inspired the creators to create their works.

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