Description of the painting by Alexander Kabanel “The Birth of Venus”

Description of the painting by Alexander Kabanel “The Birth of Venus”

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Erotic work of the artist Cabanel is currently located in Paris, in the Orsay Museum. The author of "The Birth of Venus" was one of the most popular favorites of the public, he was adored by the rulers. And the reason for this love of the people and rulers was simple - he always knew the tastes of society and the public, so he could indulge without problems both.

Therefore, in his picture, Cabanel showed everyone what everyone wanted and what many dreamed about. At that time, a series of terrible revolutions swept through France, and people wanted to start living as they wanted. Many wanted to admire the feminine beauties in a calm environment. All this is shown in the work of Alexander Kabanel very brightly and even defiantly.

The painting was created in 1863, however, it did not differ in anything special and did not become a “new breath” or stage of work for the artist. The thing is that Kabanel, once choosing his own path and writing style, didn’t leave him anywhere else and didn’t try to do something else. All his paintings were smooth and alluring to themselves with their beauty and femininity.

However, for this picture he received the Order of the Legion of Honor. The picture is very tender. The body of the Goddess gently sways on the waves, thereby repeating their natural bends. Venus herself not only enjoys silence and calm, but also bends it. The artist painted it in a state of languor, half asleep, so it seems that it will be available to every person who wants to take possession of her body.

And around Venus is the sea. It foams a little, but overshadows the calm of the girl. It does not betray its presence, knowing that it will not be able to compete with this femininity and beauty. It was this kind of beauty and calm that seemed to the men of that time as an ideal woman. Therefore, the author was able to understand the desires of people and display them in his picture.

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