Description of the painting by Sergei Vinogradov "Summer"

Description of the painting by Sergei Vinogradov

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The beginning of the 20th century in Russia was characterized by the rapid development of industry. The construction of cities was proceeding at a fast pace, and the estate life was a thing of the past. Many artificial figures began to torment a sense of nostalgia for the passing era. At this turning point, the Russian painter Sergei Arsenievich Vinogradov creates a canvas called Summer, which becomes the pinnacle of the artist’s creativity.

The painting was painted in 1908 on the estate of V. M. Golovink, located in the Tula region. Vinogradov was a frequent guest of the estate, he created many works in it. The Golovinka estate inspired the artist to work, so in his painting In the summer, he wanted to convey her poetry.

The canvas has a straightforward plot. In the foreground of the picture is a table with a white tablecloth, two benches and a chair. On the table is a vase of flowers. A woman sits on one of the benches and reads a book. The second woman sits on a chair and is engaged in knitting. In the background is a large house, tall trees covered with dense greenery, and a clear blue sky.

The artist skillfully filled the picture with warm air. Looking at her, the viewer can almost physically feel the summer heat. The summer atmosphere creates a lot of detail. So fragile girls are dressed in light white dresses, they hid from the hot sun under a sprawling tree. Warm sunlight is jumping on the surface of the house and the platform in front of it.

The manor wall is the color accent of the composition. Its sandy-orange color looks cozy against the background of green trees. The picture is striking expressiveness and liveliness of the smear. She demonstrates the warm feelings that the author has for this place.

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