Description of the painting by Sergey Gerasimov “Collective farm holiday”

Description of the painting by Sergey Gerasimov “Collective farm holiday”

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Soviet painting of the 1930s ceases to be loaded with details. The painters of that time tried to accurately reflect the rapid course of life.

S. V. Gerasimov was able to convey the whole atmosphere of the collective farm through his painting “Collective Farm Holiday”, which he painted in 1937.

The canvas was first presented to Soviet people in 1938, at an exhibition dedicated to the socialist industry. The canvas itself is more like a colorful celebration woven from several individually taken pieces. The picture immediately became the focus of controversy and scandals - why not everything is clear, and ... why everything is so detailed! Some tried immediately to reproach the painter for not revealing the topic very deeply. Someone reproached him for having devoted too much time to drawing details of the landscape. Quite a lot of time passed before the painting The collective farm holiday managed to take its deserved place among the best paintings of the period of the Soviet Union.

Gerasimov, in his usual manner, managed to show all the processes that took place in the 30s. We do not see a single person in the picture who would smile. It is possible that this is not a holiday, but some kind of event. The artist tried to place the people he depicted on a hill. Thus, he was able to show us a panorama that is viewed from a height.

Gerasimov is a painter who took to heart the people, their future, present and past. His art is vivid paintings that are not afraid to show modern life, culture.

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