Description of the painting by Fyodor Rokotov “Portrait of a Woman”

Description of the painting by Fyodor Rokotov “Portrait of a Woman”

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A whole series of portraits, where the pompous faces of the nobles alternate with shy girlish images, where the wise eyes of the elderly look from the canvas. Such a legacy was left by one of the famous artists of the 18th century. Personal qualities of people attracted the attention of the artist throughout the entire creative period.

A whole gallery of female portraits has become the pinnacle of the artist's creative genius. Finely noticed details, amazingly lively eyes and the individuality of each image are on a par with the best European designs.

Rokotov’s painting is characterized by an integral vision of the image. The subtle use of chiaroscuro highlights the face, leaving minor details in a light haze. The chamberness of female portraits does not at all interfere with the significance and depth of each individual. The main thing for the artist is to convey the transience of human feelings and emotions, the naturalness of movements. In each portrait there is a certain understatement that beckons to a subtle world of emotions and emotions.

One of the most famous works was the painting "Portrait of Struyskaya". She, like an obsession, makes one look into a picture in the vain hope of catching at least a shadow of feelings in beautiful and slightly sad eyes. The melting outlines and a light half-smile attract the eye. Soft lighting attracts the eye to the center of the picture. Rich hues and sophistication of color combinations create an atmosphere of trust. There are no external effects, but there is the very, elusive mystery of the female soul.

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