Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Elbrus. Moonlight night"

Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Elbrus. Moonlight night

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“Elbrus. A sketch is considered preparatory work before painting. It is made with oil paints on paper.

The Russian artist has always treated the moonlight with trepidation. At night, the innermost secrets of nature and the essence of things are revealed - he believed. The top of the mountain range and the river valley in the late hour are presented in a completely different way. The light of the stars and the night luminary is enough to make out the rocks and the snow cap of Elbrus. This is the largest volcano in the European part of the continent, which sleeps soundly. The greatness of nature and the fragility of human life is the main theme of the canvas.

Kuindzhi is a worthy student of Ivan Aivazovsky. Arkhip Ivanovich took over the strength, depth and significance of colors from his senior comrade. Cold silvery shades are able to convey not only the climate and natural phenomena, but also the mystery of the universe. Color schemes create a voluminous space worthy of the greatness of the mountains. At the border of light and shadow, a sharp border is visible and the contrast of colors we see. Despite the restrained tones, in the details you can find almost the entire palette available to the author.

Moonlight is a special matter. Unlike the famous "Night over the Dnieper", the viewer does not see the moon. There is no light source, but its location in the upper left corner is intuitively felt. Night metamorphoses do not end there. Please note: the river at the bottom of the gorge does not reflect the light of the moon, but of the snowy peak.

Being an art sketch, the canvas perfectly reflects feelings and emotions, which Kuindzhi wanted to achieve.

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