Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “A Pair of Shoes”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “A Pair of Shoes”

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In 1887, the famous artist V. Van Gogh painted his still life “A Pair of Shoes”, which was included in the series of paintings “Old Shoes”. The work was done in oil on a regular canvas, but even depicting such an everyday and unremarkable scene, she left few indifferent. There is an opinion that it is a plot continuation of another picture called "Potato Eaters", which shows the dinner of a group of peasants. None of them have visible legs, and perhaps the artist decided to draw their shoes on separate canvases, thereby giving a hint to the future life path of the owners of the shoes.

The well-worn men's shoes look old and shabby. They are rarely looked after, judging by how casually the owner set them. Shoes are made in brown colors - shades of shoes vary from red to dark chocolate. With white paints, the master depicted several rows of nails with which the soles were knocked out. Obviously, the boots, despite their well-worn, remain durable and suitable for further use.

The background, unlike shoes, is mostly made in cold colors, which visually highlights the shoes and immediately attracts the viewer's attention to them. Modest colors and shabbyness immediately catch my eye, which indicates the need of the owner to save on everything. Most likely, he acquired one single pair of shoes, practical and sturdy.

All work is done in a recognizable style of the artist. Coarse strokes wonderfully combine with soft strokes, and the still life itself makes you think and look for the unusual in unremarkable things.

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