Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Shepherdesses”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Shepherdesses”

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The painting “Shepherds” is a vivid example of Russian realistic painting. The work is clearly a textbook character and seeks to show the life of the simple Russian people as accurately and clearly as possible. So deeply immersed in the world of childhood, the artist helps the birth of his own sons.

The plot focuses on village cowherd boys. In the meadow, cows enjoy the juicy grass. It's a fine day, everything is flooded with sunlight. The boy sits on a stump and makes a slingshot, other children carefully observe his work, completely forgetting about grazing animals.

They are dressed in simple, loose clothes, in some places there are holes, frayed edges. It seems that children wears clothes for the elders, however, this does not cause pity. Their faces express genuine interest and concentration, which are inherent only to young researchers for an interesting occupation.

The canvas is painted with natural strokes, the contours are purposefully softened. The forest that makes up the background is delicately blurred so as not to distract attention from the main characters. The color of the canvas is cheerful and contrasting. Bright green grass, clear blue sky, red dress of a girl - the artist seeks to show a special fullness of life in the village, the ability to notice and value simple joys. Turning to everyday activities is Makovsky’s favorite technique that helps the viewer understand and approach a simple Russian person.

The composition of the work is very harmonious and relaxed. There are no small distracting details, an inappropriate palette of colors, the simplicity and sense of staging. There is no clear geometric order that would be inappropriate for such a natural everyday scene. The picture was immediate and sincere, like the very soul of a child, immaculate and filled with light.

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