Description of the painting by Mikaloyus Čiurlionis “Rex”

Description of the painting by Mikaloyus Čiurlionis “Rex”

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A multi-faceted talented person, Čiurlionis tried himself in many types of creativity. His literary tests and musical scores became revelations for contemporaries. However, his paintings make a difficult impression. The style of symbolism allows you to hide the meaning in a sense, like a matryoshka. And who knows how many of these dolls are hiding in each other.

Rex gives the impression of a stacked universe. One has only to take a closer look and the understanding comes that the picture is endless. You can fall into it like a black hole and still not reach the bottom.

First, a planet consisting of several layers is striking. It seems that in the center is the core, but it turns out that it is again a planet with the outlines of unknown continents and oceans.

The sun, moon and stars give light to all layers and are distributed unevenly, somewhere disappearing, and somewhere creating a clear excess of lighting. meteorites rush to the surface and burn without reaching it. And the main planet is either in the hands clutching it, or serves as the basis for the ghostly throne. The barely outlined silhouette in the mantle and crown is motionless and cold. The riot of the universe and those cataclysms that shake all layers of the planet do not touch him at all.

Behind the throne, the silhouette grows and turns into an impregnable fortress with towers and white figures between the battlements. The outlines of angels with folded wings are placed on the side towers. What are they asking the Creator for? We are not given to know.

Until today, there is no consensus on the content of the picture. And, most likely, it will never appear. Everyone sees in this canvas his world and his angels and demons.

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