Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Trees by the stream”

Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Trees by the stream”

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This picture has an inexplicable appeal to most viewers. She is extremely bright, sunny and vibrant, which explains such beauty. When viewing the impression of their own presence is right in the middle of the sunny trees.

This is a genre scene, and the artist, it should be noted, did an excellent job with such subjects. In addition to this canvas, he has many other landscapes, but this one was special. It was considered as a sketch for a large-scale work - the canvas "The Appearance of Christ to the People."

We see a warm summer day, through the crowns of trees the sun's rays break through. We can guess how bluish-blue the sky can be. It is only slightly visible between the tall trunks.

Everywhere is unusually empty, but this emptiness does not bother, on the contrary, it creates a real and irresistible impression that you are right there in the picture. And that there is no one else besides you. It creates a kind of unity of man with pristine untouched nature. How few such sites remain on our planet. The picture seems like a fantastic oasis, especially from the point of view of modern man.

The artist used bright and saturated colors to emphasize the liveliness and all the violence of nature at that time.

We can only guess that such an image of the environment is by no means accidental. If the picture was envisioned as a compositional part of a large canvas about the appearance of Christ, then in a different way nature could not be depicted. Christ is the savior. He brings people life, faith, good. Where Jesus appears, everything plays with fresh and new colors. This primarily refers to the outside world, because nature is directly connected with God, it is part of the divine, ideal, perfect.

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