Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “View in the Swiss Alps”

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “View in the Swiss Alps”

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Alexey Savrasov was born in the family of a merchant of the third Guild, but his father did not continue the work. The boy showed early ability to draw, which was extremely dissatisfied with his father. However, when the work of Alexei began to be sold, he changed his mind about the further creative activities of his son. The author’s early works were not always recognized as highly critical, but even critics invariably noted the vitality of the moments captured by the young artist. The author was haunted by a series of family tragedies - his two daughters died, the artist began to drink, his family broke up. Brilliant successes in creativity were combined with tragic events in life. Gradually Savrasov completely goes into his experiences, his work becomes gloomy and hopeless.

The painting View in the Swiss Alps was written in 1862, when numerous sorrows still influenced the painting of the author. During this period, the artist traveled to Switzerland, where he painted mountain landscapes with pleasure. Using this excellent knowledge of the perspective, the artist was able to convincingly convey the depth of the gorge and the height of the distant snowy peak on this canvas - the picture seems voluminous. Through the dark frame of the mountains depicted in the middle plan, the viewer's gaze rises forward and upward, where against the background of a pale blue, transparent sky with light clouds, the peak of Maly Ruchen, dazzling white, shining, inaccessible, rises. Sunlit yellow stones in the foreground and dark green shrubs that extend into the distance along the gorge create the necessary sense of volume; the sun also falls on individual leaves of bushes, highlighting them with a lively golden mosaic. The picture is rich in colors; it contains lightness, airiness, and materiality. The beauty of the Swiss Alps is conveyed by Savrasov with love and skill.

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