Description of the painting by Peter Williams "Rally"

Description of the painting by Peter Williams

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Pyotr Vladimirovich Williams was born in Moscow in the family of a scientist. His grandfather was the famous American engineer Robert Williams, who remained in Russia in the mid-nineteenth century. Initially, he was preparing to become a physician, but the desire for creativity prevailed. He worked a lot as a theater artist, during the Great Patriotic War he became the main artist of the Bolshoi Theater. Williams' works are characterized by contrast, expressiveness, conciseness, monumentality of writing.

The rally is one of the best paintings by Pyotr Vladimirovich, according to the genre belongs to early avant-garde. For the artist's work of this period was characterized by the romanticization of socialist reality. Most of Williams' paintings, except, perhaps, portraits, combined the fragmentation of the depicted with the dynamics, allowing you to create active, vivid images.

A bright, dusty road crosses the canvas obliquely. In clubs of smoke and dust elongated, heavy cars rush along the highway, reminiscent of some fantastic animals. Their shape and some deformation create a feeling of frantic speed, desperate movement forward. The race is watched by spectators, crowded on the side of the road in the distance. The rally takes place in the factory zone, power transmission towers complement the picture of a society engaged in industrialization. In the foreground is a boy who, with all his strength, keeps a kicking foal in check. This image symbolizes the technical development of the country, the progressive movement from the past to the present. Soon, live horses as a means of transportation will remain in the past, and steel horses will fill the roads. Also, thanks to this pair, the picture acquires a somewhat grotesque, satirical hue, so fashionable in the early Soviet era.

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