Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Black Sea at Night"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The painting "The Black Sea at Night" was painted by the artist I. It was not the first landscape of a dreamy creator depicting the Black Sea. In his work, the author used oil paints. He expertly applied them to the canvas and conveyed with a hundred saturated colors all the beauty and mystery of the water element.

This canvas is, first of all, a beautiful seascape, from which it is difficult to look away. The night sky is covered with clouds, stars are almost invisible on it, but the farther up, the brighter it becomes, and in the very highest darkness the darkness finally parted in the silver light of the moon disk, revealing the previously hidden white cosmic sparks.

The artist perfectly conveyed the play of light and shadow, due to which the night landscape does not seem gloomy, but rather attractive, inviting. From him it seems to blow fresh air, silence, pacification and purity of wildlife. Moonlight plays flare on a calm surface of the water, illuminates it as if from the inside. Ahead, closer to the horizon, a ship is seen sailing slowly along the sea.

The picture is filled with peace and tranquility. Sea space extends as long as the eye is enough and seems endless. In some places, the water looks almost black, as if reminding us of the danger of the elements, which spares no one. At any moment, the measured murmur of sea waters can be replaced by the uterine roar of a wild beast - and then the ship will suck in its gluttonous mouth. In the meantime, the Black Sea is calmly playing with its toy without the desire to break it.


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