Description of the painting by Nikolai Nevrev “Brides”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Nevrev “Brides”

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The remarkable work of the Russian artist Nevrev Smotrina also has another name - Matchmaking, which demonstrates the custom of marriage and a relationship with a young man. The artist turns to the image of not only the interior, but also characters, each of which fulfills its purpose.

The picture depicts ordinary household items - a chair on which hangs a towel, a striped sofa. All shades of the picture are bright, sparkling, show a bright event that takes place in the picture. Demonstrates the matchmaking day of a young girl who wore a pink dress made of satin.

Everything is arranged in the interior and takes its place - a samovar that shines and asks to tell fragrant tea at the holiday table as soon as possible. Even the stove tile glitters, it is clear that the hostess tried before the matchmakers arrived. The deacon and mother, who are visible in the background, are dressed in black clothes, thereby the artist sought to concentrate the attention of the viewer on a young girl and guy. The young man openly examines the girl, trying to understand her character traits, and the girl in the pink dress confusedly averted her eyes, afraid to look at her narrowed one. The viewer burns with curiosity, how will the fate of young people end, what will the elders actually decide. As can be seen in the picture, the girl really likes the young man and he does not hide it.

The presence of a priest in the picture symbolizes that people of that era gave great importance to the church and their solution. The deacon is a messenger who should give a blessing to the couple. It is possible that the girl does not like the young man, however, she does not have the right to argue with the elders. In the picture, the artist tried to portray the problem of this custom, which led to an unhappy marriage.

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