Description of the painting by Vasily Kandinsky “Painting with a green center”

Description of the painting by Vasily Kandinsky “Painting with a green center”

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Oil painting on canvas in 1913. The work with the green center of Vasily Kandinsky has a traditional compositional construction. The artist builds the depicted composition from the center. This is how the image of many works of the master is written. In the presented work, the central figure is the green figure. The figure is not indefinite shape, not closed.

The painting is written in the spirit of symbolism. Each color used was used by the master as a specific symbol that evokes certain feelings in the viewer. For example: a cold blue hue symbolizes coolness, causes an association with the sea, ice, moonlight or with illuminated darkness; the green color has many shades, due to which it receives a special depth of sound in the work, symbolizes peace, plays the role of a neutralizer between yellow and blue shades; red is associated with fire and blood, symbolizes the internal movement; the abundance of yellow in the picture gives the artist's work dynamism and symbolizes the irresistible desire for something.

A combination of color composition plays an important role in the painting. The content of the picture is complemented by the contrast of colors: red and green, blue and yellow, black and white. The game of color made by the master is ingenious and very harmonious. Each shade has its own expression in an intricate form. The combination of shapes and colors, gives the viewer the illusion of vibrating overflows, which when viewed even feel physically.

Masterful construction of image elements, perfectly matched color combination, makes the work a masterpiece. Looking at the picture with a green center, we can conclude that its author is brilliant, because none of the followers could write such a masterpiece.

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