Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Summer landscape"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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It was written in the sixties of the XIX century. The exact date is unknown. Materials - oil on canvas, dimensions 27 by 38 cm. Located in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

Alexey Kondratievich is an unsurpassed master of the Russian landscape, on the canvases of which nature is depicted a huge number of times, he lives and breathes with him at any time of the year. His painting “Rooks Have Arrived” in 1871 is considered to be his best and most poetic.

In this small work, the artist uses oil, which, especially from a great distance, seems like an airy watercolor, which is especially noticeable to the upper right corner and in the very background, bathed in sunlight and lost in the haze. The whole constructed, deep perspective, starting from a small lake formed due to a dam, strives for it, is picked up by a path that ascends the slope and is lost in the infinity of golden meadows. It even seems that a girl in a white shirt and a bright red skirt is walking along the path in search of her cow. The animal, hot with heat, came to a watering place and carefully selected from the bushes to the stream. The brook runs further, beyond the lower left edge of the picture. The whole composition reflects depth and is well thought out.

The color scheme with a predominance of ocher, brown and dark green hues is somewhat unusual for a summer theme and at first seems gloomy, but looking closer, the viewer understands: the artist wanted to convey the atmosphere of a sultry and stuffy day, when the sky is covered with a continuous shroud of translucent clouds, and the sun colors gold everything around. Judging by the color of the fields, perhaps this August is coming to an end.

On the neat thin lines with which the master draws reeds and herbs of the foreground, on the bright spots of meadow flowers, on the quivering glare on the water and the different-colored silhouettes of foliage and tree crowns, the author’s love for reviving the natural details of the painting is visible.

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