Description of Eric Fischl's sculpture “The Falling Woman”

Description of Eric Fischl's sculpture “The Falling Woman”

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The sculpture “The Falling Woman” by American artist and sculptor Eric Fischl is an example of contemporary art. This statue is dedicated to people who died during the terrorist attack that occurred in America, in the city of New York, September 11, 2001.

Before us is a sculpture of a female figure. A distinctive feature of the work is that the female figure is in an inverted position. As conceived by the artist, this woman is a collective image of all those who suffered during the terrorist attack. Such an unusual posture of the body is not accidental. During a fire in shopping malls, many people were forced to jump from an incredible height down. Only in this way did they have one chance in a million that they could be saved. But alas, most of them crashed. It is these people falling from the windows that Eric Fischl portrayed in this work.

We see that the woman’s legs are much higher than her head. The artist seemed to be standing there, under the burning buildings, and managed to photograph the fleeting moment when a stranger jumped from a height to the ground. We see that her figure froze. The head has already reached the surface of the earth, but the legs have not yet had time to land. They are floating in the air. Such incompleteness, incompleteness of action gives work additional tragedy. It seems that there is still a chance to help the unfortunate.

The woman’s face is not visible, but her body is absolutely relaxed - it succumbed to air and speed, went limp. The woman’s right hand fell on her chest, not far from her face. The left hand is still in motion, in free flight.

It is surprising that a contemporary American artist depicts an atypical, non-standard female figure. This body seems to have “descended” from the works of Rubens. The legs are full, the feet are disproportionately large. The sculpture is dark, almost black, which also gives the work the imprint of a deadly, tragic event.

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