Description of the painting by Mikhail Lebedev "Alley in Albano near Rome" (1836)

Description of the painting by Mikhail Lebedev

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The artist transferred to the canvas his comprehension of the beauty of nature. The painting is saturated with aromas of magnificent foliage of trees, protecting from the hot sun. It embodies the praise of Italian nature. The painter managed to convey the transparency of the air, the picturesqueness of the trees, while preserving the infallibility of the shades, the uniform coherence, spiritualizing everything with his talent.

The canvas depicts the painter's favorite motif - the alley, which, like a tent, is covered with trees closing above it. This leitmotif is repeated in many paintings in different versions. Lebedev felt and conveyed the charm of this alley hidden in the wilderness, imbued with sunlight, as if deliberately created by nature for those who seek solitude and silence. The canvas is written in the traditions of romanticism, and the abundant Italian nature perfectly matches the artist’s sublime idea of ​​beauty and ideal.

With great emotional tension and plasticity, Lebedev represents in his landscape the richness and luxury of the plant world. He puts on the canvas thick strokes of intense bright natural colors, the radiance of solar streams, the invisibility of the air. The picture carries a festive mood, demonstrating how the author himself was able to enjoy beauty in the world and nature.

The artist revealed for Russian landscape painting the regularity of the ratio of warm and cold shades. The bright sun in the picture highlights the foliage with golden rays and makes it warm, and in the shade where the heavenly blue glows, it becomes a cold emerald color. A sandy path in golden and orange tones, falling into the shade, acquires blue. Lebedev's favorite composition with a shaded arched alley acquired a luminous air filling on the canvas due to the lyricism of light colors. The author as if invites the audience to enter the canopy of a hundred-year-old oak grove and takes them to mysterious distances.

Trees occupy almost the entire canvas, only from above is given scope for a small fragment of the sky. The landscape includes a figure of a man in a pointed hat and a bright red cloak enriching the color of the picture. But this figure is of secondary importance, serves simply to revitalize the view. The landscape is built on contrast - a comparison of light spots with the shadow of dense forest thickets.

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